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What we Do..

By using multi metric analysis this cloud-based ‘Smart Collar’ improves the efficiency of farm breeding programs and reduces health care costs through early illness detection making it the most accurate Heat detection product on the market today

What we monitor






Estrus Activity


Chin Resting

The Results...

96% Heat Detection Rate

Overall pregnancy rate 93% in 9 weeks

6 Week in calf rates increased to 82%

3 Week submission rates of 91%

“Determination of the Sensitivity and Specificity of a heat and herd health monitoring system (Alanya HerdInsights*) for dairy cows on pasture” - study by Julia Brassel, Veterinary Surgeon, under Prof. Dr Axel Wehrend, Dipl. ECAR, Fachtierarzt für Reproduktionsmedizin Kilnik für Geburtshilfe Gynäkologie und Andrologie Der Groβ – und Kleintiere 35392 Giessen, Germany

"The increase in submission rate has improved my six week in calf rate by 20%"

— Liam Houlihan


Now Available....

Our revolutionary drone compatible, estrus and health monitoring gateway

Latest News

February 6, 2019

HerdInsights, an Agri-tech company based in Cork today announced that it is ramping up its international expansion after a successful 2018 and expects to increase its workforce over the coming months.  The company is a leading international supplier of smart collars fo...

January 29, 2019

HerdInsights, today announced the launch of SolarInsights, designed as an efficient and effective method of providing power to our HerdInsights remote gateway this solar panel consists of a 40-watt PV panel and charger which clips to any 12-volt battery.  The panel is...

October 26, 2018

HerdInsights are delighted to announce the expansion of their range of gateway options available for their estrus and health monitoring technology.  Recognising that many farms stretch across large and multiple geographic regions HerdInsights have developed Herdinfligh...

October 10, 2018

Farming across three locations presents its challenges and having calved 380 calves with two labour units in just one of those locations, and given current difficulties in sourcing additional labour, Andrew Leeson felt it was time to look at an alternative solution.  I...

August 31, 2018

We extract the data, interpret it and deliver it to the farmer in a way which enables them to make smarter, quicker and more profitable decisions

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