HOW HerdInsights WORKS

A smart collar continuously monitors your cows' behavioural patterns, the data is collected and transferred to our data centre where we conduct a multi-metric analysis of your entire herd and issue alerts on your cows health and fertility directly to your phone

Heat Detection and Health Monitoring Overview

Since using HerdInsights my conception rates have drastically improved, no more AI of questionable bullying cows, this is my second such detection aid and I'm just going into my 4th breeding season with it, this system along with pre-breeding scanning allows me to ensure my cows are ready for AI come breeding season.... delighted with both the system and the service - David Rose


Key Product Features

Smart phone, tablet laptop and desktop compatible

HerdInsights Smart Phone Enabled
Heat Detection and Health Notifications from HerdInsights

Push notifications and text message alerts

Heat Detection Alerts from HerdInsights

Verify alerts

Automatic battery monitoring

HerdInsights Collar Battery Monitoring
Automatic Sotware Updates from HerdInsights

Automatic software updates

24/7 Technical Support from HerdInsights

24//7 Technical Support

Off farm heifer management with remote gateway - Saving time and labour

Off Farm Heifer monitoring with HerdInsights

NFC Capability

HerdInsights Collar Battery Monitoring

HerdInsights uses a multi-metric analysis on each individual cows behaviour enabling more accurate and timely heat detection.

Fertility is one of the major factors affecting the efficiency of any dairy herd.  It can account for one of the major costs of production and also represents an area where significant improvements can be made. 

Poor dairy herd fertility is recognised as having many consequences, both direct and indirect. Most importantly:

  • Loss of milk production through too many dry days or peak yield traded for later lactation yield.

  • Disruption to the calving season and milk production pattern.

  • Loss of mature animal milk yields through early culling.

  • Extra veterinary costs.

  • Reduced calf sales.

  • Additional AI costs.

  • Enforced culling resulting in more replacements being reared or bought.

  • Loss of valuable genetics.

  • Linkage with other problems such as nutritional imbalances and production shortfalls.

  • Embroy loss detection

Return on Investment:
16 Months

Not including:

  • Health Monitoring

  • Labour Savings

  • Time

  • Quality of Life

Health Monitoring with HerdInsights
What do we Analyse?

Pre-Breeding Analysis

Estrus Detection

Identify Cystic & Aneostrus Cows

Pregnancy Check List

  • Estrus activity level

  • Mounting

  • Sniffing

  • Licking

  • Resting time

Embryo Loss Detection

Herdinsights Monitoring app

HerdInsights sends a health alert directly to your phone when there is a negative variance form the cows normal activity, feeding and resting behaviour.

Proactive Monitoring

  • Aiding with transition cow protocalls

  • Giving an insight into your herds feed behaviour and the impact of changes

Reactive Monitoring

  • Activity levels

  • Feeding behaviour – both indoor and out at pasture

  • Resting time

What do we Analyse?

Reproductive Ill Health

  • Multiple cycles in Estrus window

  • No heat alerts over a period of time

Monitoring Treatment Effectiveness

HerdInsights, by monitoring the cows feeding and resting behaviour are able to monitor the effectiveness of the treatments given to an alerted sick cow.


If a cow does not show an improvement, the Vet or farmer can see this by monitoring the cows behaviours post treatment. If there is no positive reaction then there has been either a misdiagnosis or an incorrect treatment

Illnesses Detected

  • Pneumonia

  • Mastitis

  • Ketosis

  • Metritis

  • Lameness

  • Photosensitivity

  • DA's

General Ill Health

  • Health Index

  • Feeding behaviour

  • Lying time

  • Rumination

  • Herd and individual cow behaviour


6 Week Submission Rate


Increase in 6 Week In Calf Rate


Reduction in Calving Interval

17 Days

1% increase in 6 Week In calf rate = €8.22 per cow per annum gain

20% increase = €12,600 gain for a herd of 77 cows